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  • Scroll Saw SS-13W, SS-16ECThe scroll saw SS-13W, SS-16EC is a type of DIY product which can cut wood plate into various shapes. It is used in hand making, engraving and so on. The scroll saw is a patent product and receives CE, GS, and ROSH authentication.
  • Wood Lathe TL-406, MC330The wood lathe TL-406, MC330 conducts coarse and precision turning on end surfaces, sections, conical surfaces and so on of wood.
    It is the largest mini-type machine in the industry.
    The wood lathe can use the shaped tool for quick and high-precision processing.
  • Surface Planer / Thicknesser TDM260, TDM320 The surface planner thicknesser TDM260, TDM320 is used for planning wood.
    The multi-function machine can alternatively change easily between the surface planning and thicknessing.
    The operating platform can be lifted and locked easily.
    The safety device can effectively protect the surface planner/thicknesser.
  • Mortising Machine MGX16, MGX20R, WM01 The mortising machine MGX16, MGX20R, WM01 conducts drilling, mortising and so on for wood.
    Both the WM01 operating platform and the MGX16, MGX20R power units can be moved up/down and left/right. The MGX20R can turn around. All these features ensure the processing at any angle.

Woodworking Machinery

The woodworking machinery refers to the equipment that conducts sawing, drilling, cutting, and so on for wood. The woodworking machine is used for sawing, cutting and forming wood plate. There are many kinds of woodworking machines such as woodworking saws, curve sawing, woodworking milling machines and so on.

Other Products
  • ?Belt/Disk Sander Belt or disk sander has an angular adjustable operating platform, which is convenient for operation.

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