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  • Multipurpose Machine Our multipurpose machine has the functions of shearing, bending, winding drum, punching and so on.
  • Cutting Machine Our cutting machine is used for shearing and processing sheet metals.
  • Plate Rolling Machine The plate rolling machine can bend sheet metal into a barrel or cone shape and can round the reinforced steel bar at the same time.
  • Round Bending Machine Through the two- or three-axis drive, the round bending machine conducts round bending processing for plates, T-type or circular materials, etc.
  • Pressing Machine The pressing machine can use the molds to finish the compression forming which is used for processing plates and sectional materials.
  • Benders The bender is machine equipment that uses many molds in different shapes and sizes to shape various pipes.
  • English Wheel The English wheel can process the plates into machines of different arcs or curved surfaces through the different combinations of the upper and lower mold wheels.
  • Other Forming Machine The other forming machine, like the compound forming machine, can use different mold wheels to finish blank pressing, arc pressing, shearing and so on for various plates.

Sheet Metal Machinery

Sheet metal machinery is processing equipment that features shearing, winding drum, bending or mold blanking, and sheet metal and shaped material processing. There are many kinds of sheet metal machinery, such as bending machines, shearing machines, pedal shears, punching machines and so on.

Other Products

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