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  • ??Rotary Machine The rotary machine, the same as the ordinary beading machine, is used for blank pressing, arc pressing and so on for various plates.
    The rotary machine includes 6 sets standard rollers and can be forming different shapes to meet various processing demands.
  • ???Bead Bending Machine The bead bending machine makes swaged plate, connection and so on of circular pipes, which refer to crushing the thin plates into the ribs in certain shapes. The rigidity of the plates, pipes or metal components is strengthened. The bead bending machine features small size, light weight and easy operation.
  • Auxiliary Roll Forming Machine AX20G The auxiliary roll forming machine AX20G is used to produce general vent pipes.
    Both sides of the auxiliary roll forming machine are respectively equipped with a group of roller, quickly presses the special sheet metals into shapes.
  • Lock Forming Machine PF20 The lock forming machine PF20 is used to produce general vent pipes.
    Customers can replace the rollers according to their needs, and achieve its features of multi functions, various combination and flexible application. The roller wheels can be replaced quickly.
  • Tube Notcher PN-1/2S, PNM1-1/2 The PN-1/2S steel notcher can both be installed on a bench drill to conduct the slitting for piping materials at different angles. The PN-1/2A can be adjusted from 0° to 45° and the PN-1/2S can be adjusted within 0° to 60°.
  • Tube Notcher RA2, RAB, PTN12U The manually operated tube notcher can be used both vertically and horizontally and features light weight and easy operation.
    PTN-12U features a motor drive. The external part of shearing device is equipped with a protective shield which is more secure and efficient.
  • Tube Notcher UTN40, UTN40V The clamping part can be moved and rotary, which can broaden the processing types.
    The tube notcher has the advantages of no noise or pollution, no need for a cooling system, portable structure and easy movement.
    The V-shape notch design of the tube notcher facilitates the operation and greatly improves ...

Other Forming Machine

The other forming machine, like the compound forming machine, can use different mold wheels to finish blank pressing, arc pressing, shearing and so on for various plates.

Other Products
  • ?Belt/Disk Sander Belt or disk sander has an angular adjustable operating platform, which is convenient for operation.
    The sand disk, after
  • ?End Surface Grinding Machine Our end surface grinding machine features Italian design. It has the advantages of simple structure and easy use.
  • Dust Vacuum System Our dust vacuum system features compact structure, energy conservation and environmental protection. It is equipped with

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