• Universal Bender The universal bender can produce different shapes and bend into various angles according to different molds. It is used for shaping barriers and fences and easy to operate.
  • Tube Roller Our manual is very superior and convenient for various tubes, you can change the roller easily.
    It can bend various workpieces by one set standard roller with TR-40.
  • Compact Bender The compact bender is manually operated and has the advantage of easy operation. It is equipped with the complete standard molds that can meet the demands of various workpieces.
  • Hydraulic Pipe Bender The hydraulic pipe bender can bend the pipe easy with cylinder. It has various molds to bend the pipe in various sizes.
    EHB-10 with motor can work more efficiency
  • ?Electric Hydraulic Tube Bender HTB-1000 The electric hydraulic pipe bender HTB-1000 has a handle to control the travel of cylinder easily.
    It has various dies to bend different pipes.
    Dies available in 120 and 240..
  • Electric Hydraulic Tube Bender HTB-2000 The HTB-2000 bender is a entry level bender, designed to introduce you to quality while showing you the incredible profit potential. The HTB-2000 can bend up to 3" tube. It features a built-in swager/expander for complete end-finishing capability - 1" to 3" tubing on the swager end and 1" to 5?" tubing on the expander end.


The bender is machine equipment that uses many molds in different shapes and sizes to shape various pipes.

Other Products
  • Circular SawThe double clamp structure of CS-315 and CS-225 can quickly clamp materials and rotate 45° from side to side for cutting.
  • Cutting Off SawThe cutting off saw features quick cutting speed and high work efficiency.
    Our cutting off saw is used for processing round
  • Dust Vacuum System Our dust vacuum system features compact structure, energy conservation and environmental protection. It is equipped with

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