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  • ?Round Bending Machine RBM10, ERBM10 The casting machine body makes the round bending machine RBM10, ERBM10 more durable.
    The mold wheel is made of high-quality carbon structural steel and driven by the nether two axles.
    The round bending machine can be combined with various mold wheels in order to meet various processing demands.
  • ?Round Bending Machine RBM30HV, RBM40HV, RBM50 The round bending machine RBM30HV, RBM40HV, RBM50 features an electric three-roller-wheel structure.
    It has the advantage of a two-axis drive. The upper axis can be moved up and down to adjust the diameter of the processed workpiece.
    The round bending machine can conduct round bending processing for plates, T-shaped materials and so on.
  • ??Hydraulic Round Bending Machine HRBM65 The hydraulic round bending machine HRBM65 features a steel plate welding structure.
    The hydraulic round bending machine has the advantages of hydraulic wheel drive and more power.
    The nether two axes are driven by a powerful hydraulic motor, while the upper wheels are pushed to lift by the retractable spear of hydraulic cylinder.

Round Bending Machine

Through the two- or three-axis drive, the round bending machine conducts round bending processing for plates, T-type or circular materials, etc.

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