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Hydraulic and Electric Rolling Machine

Hydraulic and Electric Rolling Machine

1. All three axes of the hydraulic and electric rolling machine are hydraulically driven.
2. The roller bearing can have synchronous or asynchronous operation and can reel or cone materials.
3. The hydraulic and electric rolling machine has a digital readout device to observe the up and down motion of the rear roller's hydraulic pressure.
4. All the rollers are made of alloy steel, whose hardness can reach HRC55.
5. The hydraulic and electric rolling machine featured casting structure has the advantages of smooth operation, high-precision processing and long service life.
6. The upper axis can be easily pulled out in order to take the processed workpiece.
7. The hydraulic and electric rolling machine matches with reversible pedal switch and digital readout device.

Technical Specifications

Item No. Model Mild Steel Capacity Roll Diameter Pinch Adjustment Motor Power Dimension N.W./G.W.
391121 HER-1300X6.5 4'3"x1/4" 5-7/8" Standard 3 HP 83"X32"X51" 4500/5110Ib
1300x6.5mm 150mm Standard 2.2kW 210x81x140cm 2041/2300kg
391122 HER-1550X4.5 5'1"x7Ga 5-7/8" Standard 3 HP 94"X32"X51" 5400/6000Ib
1550X4.5mm 150mm Standard 2.2kW 240x81x140cm 2450/2700kg
391123 HER-1550X6.5 5'1"x1/4" 7" Standard 5.5HP 98"X35"X55" 6600/7330Ib
1550x6.5mm 180mm Standard 4kW 249x89x140cm 2994/3300kg
391124 HER-2070X4.5 6'8"x7Ga 7" Standard 5.5HP 120"X35"X55" 8200/9110Ib
2070x4.5mm 180mm Standard 4kW 305x89x140cm 3720/4100kg
391125 HER-2070X6.5 6'8"x1/4" 7-1/2" Standard 5.5HP 125"X44"X57" 8500/9445Ib
2070x6.5mm 190mm Standard 4kW 318x111x145cm 3856/4250kg
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