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  • ?Shear and Brake Machine Like our bending and shearing machine, the shear and brake machine is used to bending and shearing the aluminum, copper, steel and so on. Its shearing devices can be installed at any time.
  • ?Bender/Brake Our CHB24 hand bender brake conducts simple bending processing for sheet metal parts whose cardboard thickness is less than 1mm. The spacing baffle can be folded into six dimensions. Our CHB24 hand bender/brake features symmetric structure, whose rear and front can be used at the same time. It is light and easy to move and transport...
  • ??Hand Brake W Serials Our hand brake W serial is used for processing thin plates. It has simple structure and easy for operation. The maximum bending thickness is 1.0mm and 1.2 mm.
  • Pan and Box Brake W Serials Our pan and box brake W serial is used for processing thin plates. The bending blade is a kind of folded box, featuring simple structure and easy operation. Its maximum bending thickness is 2.5 mm.
  • ??Precision Folding Machine PBB SerialsOur precision folding machine PBB serials features a pedal structure. We have applied for patent protection at home.
    Our precision folding machine is used for bending the sheet metal parts. The upper blade can be dismantled for use. It can choose a combination of upper blades according to the abnormity degree and length of the ...
  • ??Precision Folding Machine PBB1020/3SH Our precision folding machine PBB1020/3SH is of pedal structure.
    Both the upper and lower blade of our precision folding machine can be dismantled for use. Our precision folding machine can choose a combination of upper blades according to the abnormity degree and length of the workpiece. Our tube and profile end grinder is especially suitable for folding various box-shaped workpieces.
  • ??Precision Folding Machine TSBS2020/2 Our precision folding machine TSBS2020/2 is of a heavy type. Its upper blade can be entirely folded. This tool structure is suitable for processing box-shaped workpieces. Our precision folding machine body features a steel plate welding structure.
  • Precision Folding Machine TSB2060/2Our precision folding machine TSB2060/2 is of a heavy type. Its machine body features casting structure. The hand wheel of the precision folding machine controls the upper frame.
  • ???Electric Folding Machine Our delicate electric folding machine is of a heavy type. Its pressing and bending feature motor drive. Our electric folding machine has two tool structures.
  • Bending Machine Our magnetic bending machine is of magnetic clamping structure.
    Its magnetic force can reach 3-10 tons.
    The magnetic bending machine has the specifications range from 625MM to 3200MM.
    It is equipped with various upward acting plates, which broaden the processing types.

Sheet Metal Brake

Our sheet metal brake is used to bend and shape sheet metals.

Other Products
  • Professional Industrial MachineOur CNC slot machine center CNC80/100/120 is specially designed CNC equipment. It has the advantages of stable performance and simple operation.
  • Scroll Saw SS-13W, SS-16ECThe scroll saw SS-13W, SS-16EC is a type of DIY product which can cut wood plate into various shapes. It is used in hand making, engraving and so on. The scroll saw is a patent product
  • Wood Lathe TL-406, MC330The wood lathe TL-406, MC330 conducts coarse and precision turning on end surfaces, sections, conical surfaces and so on of wood.
    It is the largest mini-type machine in the industry.

TRI-UNION is a China-based sheet metal brake manufacturer and supplier. We offer sheet metal brake, plate rolling machines, round bending machines and so on. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. We can supply the full chain of manufacturing metal cutting band saws, radial arm saws, etc. right here in China. Our lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. More details on each of our products are shown on the description page.