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  • Hand Shear 5"-12" Our hand shear 5"-12" is used for plates shearing and manual operation. Its specification ranges from 5 '' to 12 ". Equipped with shearing holes, the hand shear 5"-12" can also shear the steels with ¢12 below.
  • Manual Bar Shear Our manual bar shear is designed with a durable steel structure and high-carbon steel blades, making it easy to shear round bar steel and flat steel. It can also shear the round bar steel with ¢32 below.
  • ??Hand Shear 24"-100" Our hand shear 24 "- 100" is used to shear the plates within 24 "- 100".
    It features manual and easy operation.
  • ??Foot Shear Our foot shear is used for shearing plates. Its maximum processing capacity is 2.0mm.
    Our foot shear features pedal shearing without using your hands. It features convenient operation and high efficiency.
  • ??Universal Shearing Machine Our universal shearing machine features simple operation and can finish linear shearing, arc shearing, and even arbitrary shape shearing.
  • ??Bar and Section Shear Our bar and section shear is used for shearing various metal plates, flat steel, round bar steel and so on.
    The PBS - 9 can both shear and punch materials.
  • ??Foot Notcher/Hand Notcher Our foot notcher/hand notcher is used for shearing out the shaped right angle with different side length for plates, and is easy to use.
    The FN1.5X80 uses a pedal structure and features quick processing and high efficiency.
  • ??Guillotine Shear Our guillotine shear series products are specifically used for shearing thin plates. The guillotine shear is a high-precision type.
  • ??Electric Shearing Machine Our electric shearing machine is used to cast components and has the advantages of producing firmly structured finished products, low center of gravity, sound vibration-proof performance, uniform transmission and stable property.
  • ???Electric Shearing Machine (European Style) For NC series products, the working table is equipped with a ball carrying device, which can reduce the feeding resistance. Our electric shearing machine can match with electric blocking and pneumatic carrying devices as well as the convenient PLC control system.
  • ???Hydraulic Shearing Machine Our hydraulic shearing machine uses hydraulic drive to improve the deformation situation through lowering the shearing angle and orientation.
    The blade gap can be automatically adjusted by the "QUICK SET" device and the shearing angle is adjustable.
  • Hydraulic Right Angle Notcher The maximum cutting thickness of this hydraulic right angle notcher is 6.5mm.
    The notch size is 250×250mm.
    Our product is able to quickly cut the material at 90°.
    It is featured by the compact structure, small volume and convenient operation.
  • Mechanical Shearing Machine QB11 SeriesThe mechanical shearing machine QB11 series is structured with the spindle mounted with eccentric wheel. Controlled by electrical components, the product achieves the purpose of shearing through the combination and detachment of turning keys.
    The product whose maximum shearing thickness is 10 mm adopts double supporting columns...
  • Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear QC12Y/K SeriesThis hydraulic swing beam shear QC12Y/K series adopts the matching main engine and the optional simple CNC system.
    It is able to display the position where the rear gauging device is applied under the numerical control, set the stroke limit, give a hint for unidirectional positioning clearance and count the shearing times automatically.

Cutting Machine

Our cutting machine is used for shearing and processing sheet metals.

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