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  • ?3-in-1 Machine Our multiple functional 3-in-1 machine features shearing, bending, winding drum, and easy operation.
    The processing range of this series product is 200mm ~ 1320mm. The 3-in-1 machine is used for households or factories.
  • ?Electric 3-in-1 Machine Our electric 3-in-1 machine is motor driven and highly efficient.
    The back blocking device uses a digital readout device featuring a more rapid and accurate adjustment.
    Our electric 3-in-1 machine features stable performance and reasonable structure.
  • ?Metal Fabricate Master M42 Our metal fabricate master M42 features shearing, bending, pipe cutting and so on.
    It has a two-stroke hydraulic system that facilitates the operation.
    It matches with various molds, making its application range wider.

Multipurpose Machine

Our multipurpose machine has the functions of shearing, bending, winding drum, punching and so on.

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  • Circular Saw Circular saw can cut-off all kinds of materials from any angle. It is a high-quality cutting tool.

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