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  • CNC MachinesOur CNC machine, shortened from computer numerical control machine tools, is a kind of automatic machine installed with a program control system.
  • Professional Industrial Machine Compared with the CNC equipment of photovoltaic and electronic industries, professional industrial machines are used to groove and process quartz glass
  • Metal Cutting Band Saw Our metal cutting band saw is used for sawing carbon structural steel, alloy steel and so on.
  • Circular Saw Circular saw can cut-off all kinds of materials from any angle. It is a high-quality cutting tool. The section is smooth and without burr. The circular saw is a high-quality cutting.
  • Grinding MachineOur grinding machine uses a grinding belt connected to the drive wheel and driven wheel to process the workpiece such as burring, surface polishing and so on.
  • Drilling and Milling Machine Our drilling and milling machine has many cutting functions such as milling, drilling, grinding and so on. Its main axis box of partial model can rotate 90° from side to ...
  • Machine Tool Accessories Our machine tool accessories are auxiliary devices used to improve the processing property and application range of machine tools...
  • Slot Milling Machine B5012 This slot milling machine B5012 is primarily used for processing the spline slot, key slot in a hole, especially for drilling the keyway in a blind hole.
  • LatheThe width of the horizontal lathe is 400mm.
    The section of cutter arbor is 25×25mm.
    The active length of the saddle is 210mm.
    The main motor power of the machine is...
  • ShaperThe worktable of the product is able to turn left and right at different angles for it is equipped with horizontal and vertical moving mechanism. For planing the inclined plane...

Machine Tools

Our machine tools are used in cutting and processing various metal parts. The dedicated CNC slot machine features high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection and is used chiefly in quartz glass processing for the PV industry. There are various machine tools such as CNC machine centers, CNC slot machines, CNC lathes, cutting machines, grinding machines, circular saws, drilling and milling machines and so on.

Other Products
  • Tube and Profile End Grinder Our tube and profile end grinder is especially suitable for burnishing various pipe materials and special-shaped parts.
    It has the advantage of arc cutting which is ideal for ...
  • ?Belt/Disk Sander Belt or disk sander has an angular adjustable operating platform, which is convenient for operation.
    The sand disk, after dynamic balancing, can ensure the minimum vibration
  • ?End Surface Grinding Machine Our end surface grinding machine features Italian design. It has the advantages of simple structure and easy use.
    It can use the T-slot fixed operating platform

TRI-UNION is a China-based machine tool manufacturer and supplier. We offer machine tools, sheet metal machinery, woodworking machinery, and so on. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. We can supply the full chain of manufacturing CNC machines, metal cutting band saws, etc. right here in China. Our lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. More details on each of our products are shown on the description page.