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  • Drilling Press WTZ-16Q, WTZ-16J Our drilling press WTZ-16Q, WTZ-16J is a household bench type and features simple operation, safety and reliability.
    Variable Speed,Digital Display.
    It is equipped with safety spectacles.
  • Vertical Drilling Machine T25, T25B Our vertical drilling machines T25/26,T25B/26B have height adjustable and rotary function on head unit and working table, they can provide proper drilling travel for various workpieces in different sizes.
    The sleeve can be locked at any depth and the high-load tapered roller bearing guarantees the high-speed and smooth running of the main spindle.
  • ?Vertical Drilling Machine T28, T-30 Our vertical drilling machine features sound performance and high precision.
    It is equipped with an automatic cutter retracting device and the powerful two speed strong motor,8 high-grade spindle speed.
    Our vertical drilling machine T28 has an automatic mechanical feeding device.
  • ?Vertical Drilling Machine T35, T-40 Our vertical drilling machine features Danish design and European quality.
    The powerful double-speed motor has eight rotating speeds and has a convenient tool retracting device.
    The power-off shield protection of vertical drilling machine makes the work safer and efficient.
    Our vertical drilling machine T-35 is controlled by PLC, and features attached electromagnetic...
  • ?Vertical Drilling Machine Z5150B The maximum processing capacity of the vertical drilling machine is 50MM.
    Our vertical drilling machine Z5150B is of square column vertical type and features high-quality finished castings and stable performance.
  • ??Mini Milling Machine TX-20 Our mini milling machine is easy to operate.
    The mini milling machine has variable speed adjusting.
    The milling head can process a workpiece from different angles such as surface milling, end milling and so on.
  • Drilling and Milling Machine TX530, TX530AThis drilling and milling machine runs at continuously variable speed.
    Driven by gears, it offers high torque.
    Our product functions excellent drilling and threading performance.
    Made in casting iron structure, it is durable enough for long term use.
  • Vertical Drilling Machine Z5030A, Z5035AThis vertical drilling machine adopts the new design and compact construction.
    All of the main electrical components are in accordance with the CE standard.
    The electromagnetic clutch is applied to control the automatic feeding and threading with arbitrary button on the handle pressed.
  • ???Drilling and Milling Machine ZX5325C Our drilling and milling machine is driven by belt or gear transmission.
    The powerful double-speed motor of drilling and milling machine has eight rotating speeds.
    The machine head can process a workpiece from different angles such as surface milling, end milling and so on.
  • Drilling and Milling Machine ZX7550CW Digital Readout Device Is Optional.
    The ZX7550C has vertical milling, while the ZX7550CW has both vertical and horizontal milling.
    Our drilling and milling machine has sound processing property, which is used to manufacture and process tools, molds and fixtures for various enterprises.
  • Drilling and Milling Machine ZX6350C The drilling and milling machine can have both vertical and horizontal milling. Operating platform X-axis is automatic feed by gear transmission.
    The drilling and milling machine is equipped with ultrasonic frequency quenched guide ways and a working table. The large working table is used for processing large workpieces.
  • Universal Milling Machine XQ6226W Our universal milling machine has both the three-axis and guide way hardening.
    Power feed on two axis,motorized lift on Z axis.
    Our horizontal and vertical universal milling machine XQ6226W adds independent horizontal milling to the original universal milling machine and improves its power shortage and limited processing situation.
  • Universal Milling Machine LM1450A Our universal milling machine LM1450A, whose Z-axis travel can reach 600MM, features manually/electrical operation, two-axis automatic feeding and three-axis hardening. The machine body and lifting platform with square guide way and lengthened slide block can improve the stability of the working table.
    LM1450A adds a 45° rotary working table to LM1450 and features three-axis automatic feeding...
  • Hydraulic Radial Drilling Machine Z3080X25, Z3063X20/1 This hydraulic radial drilling machine is configured with the hydraulic clamp.
    It supports variable speed under hydraulic control.
    It comes with the hydraulic spindle speed change and pre-selection functions.
    It offers the mechanical and electrical protection for itsel
  • Radial Drilling Machine ZQ3050BX14 This ZQ3050B×14 radial drilling machine offers mechanical transmission and clamping in the easy operation.
    It features low rotating speed, long travel, excellent rigidity and wide processing range.
    Our product achieves exquisite and precise production with high efficiency.
  • Radial Drilling Machine ZQ3050X13, ZQ3040CX12The radial drilling machine makes use of the mechanical transmission and clamping for the workpiece.
    It supports the automatic arm lifting and feeding functions.
    Its spindle is installed with limited microswitch for safety.
  • Radial Drilling Machine ZQ3045X13, ZQ3045X12This radial drilling machine is able to drill holes in diameter of 38mm on the steel and holes in diameter of 45mm on the casting at maximum.
    It conveys and clamps the workpiece via mechanical devices.
    The arm lifting and feeding systems run automatically.
  • Radial Drilling Machine ZQ3035X10Our radial drilling machine ZQ3035×10 accomplishes the transmission and clamping of the workpiece through mechanical components.
    It adopts the automatic mechanism for lifting arms and feeding.
    The maximum drilling diameter on the steel and casting pieces are 32mm and 35mm respectively.
  • Radial Drilling Machine ZQ3032AX10Automatic arm lifting
    Automatic feed
    Mechanical transmission
    The radial drilling machine ZQ3032A×10 is able to drill the hole in diameter of 32mm on the...

Drilling and Milling Machine

Our drilling machine is a machine tool that uses a drill head for drilling on the workpiece. It features simple structure and relatively low precision. As a result, the drilling machine has the advantages of drilling through-hole and blind holes, replacing special tools, reaming and so on.

Our drilling and milling machine has many cutting functions such as milling, drilling, grinding and so on. Its main axis box of partial model can rotate 90° from side to side within vertical surface and the main axes are vertically laid. The operating platform can vertically or horizontally move within the horizontal plane and rotate 45 ° from side to side. Our drilling and milling machine is used for drilling, reaming, milling and so on for various materials.

Other Products

TRI-UNION is a major manufacturer of drilling and milling machines, based in China. We offer various types of products such as drilling and milling machines, machine tool accessories, CNC machines, and so on. Our products are high quality and competitively priced. We can supply the full chain of manufacturing pressing machines, radial arm saws, etc. right here in China. Our lower manufacturing cost can save your purchasing cost. A more detailed description of our product is shown on the page.