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  • Portable Belt Sander The combination of a S-50 abrasive band and grinding plate can conduct chamfering, deburring and surface polishing for tubing the workpiece, and proceeds with end face polishing and so on for the plate-shaped workpiece.
    The portable belt sander S-50B is equipped with a large opening, making it especially suitable...
  • Belt Grinder Our belt grinder features high efficiency and precision, less dust and low noise.
    The abrasive band is convenient for replacement and adjustment.
    The angle of belt grinder head can be adjusted up and down.
    Our belt grinder is equipped with a vibration-proof protective device and has an optional vacuum cleaner.
  • Tube and Profile End Grinder Our tube and profile end grinder is especially suitable for burnishing various pipe materials and special-shaped parts.
    It has the advantage of arc cutting which is ideal for pipe-shaped parts.
    It has many optional molds of various specifications which are suitable ...
  • ?Belt/Disk Sander Belt or disk sander has an angular adjustable operating platform, which is convenient for operation.
    The sand disk, after dynamic balancing, can ensure the minimum vibration upon operating.
    It can connected with a dust vacuum system.
  • ?Chamfering Machine, Edge Bevelling Machine Our chamfering machine, edge bevelling machine proceeds chamfering for gray iron, steel plates and other workpieces.
    Its angle can be arbitrarily adjusted from 45° to 15°.
    The BKM250 not only has the polishing and grinding functions, but also can conduct accurate and...
  • ?End Surface Grinding Machine Our end surface grinding machine features Italian design. It has the advantages of simple structure and easy use
    It can use the T-slot fixed operating platform or the magnetic rotary operating platform according to the operating requirements.
  • Dust Vacuum System Our dust vacuum system features compact structure, energy conservation and environmental protection. It is equipped with two powerful dust connecting ports, which can connect with two machines at the same time.
    The filtering devices of our dust vacuum system feature reliable performance and convenient replacement.

Grinding Machine

Our grinding machine uses a grinding belt connected to the drive wheel and driven wheel to process the workpiece such as burring, surface polishing and so on.

Other Products

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