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  • Vertical Machine Center VMC10562/VMC8046 Our vertical machine center has the advantage of float-type buffering tools structure. As a result, the damage of spindle bearing upon tool changing can be avoided and its service life is improved.
    Our vertical machine center VMC8046 uses a rolling guide at X and Y directions to speed up the movement and make a rapid response. It uses a broadly rectangular rolling guide at Z direction with the surface ...
  • CNC Lathe CTK6416 Our CNC lathe CTK6416 is designed with a linear rolling guide, making the lathe turning more accurate and efficient.
    Our CNC lathe uses the tool rack structure to facilitate the cuting procedure.
    The lathe bed and base, entirely founded by resin sand, are of higher rigidity.
  • CNC Boring and Milling Machine TXK68 Our CNC boring and milling machine TXK68 is a four-axis piece of equipment, featuring high precision and high efficiency, aimed at processing small-size box parts. Upon clamping, the equipment can finish milling, boring, drilling and so on at any angle. It can also fulfill the complex surface processing.
  • CNC Boring and Milling Machine TXK160/160B The CNC boring and milling machine TXK160/160B is a fixed-column horizontal type. It features high precision and high efficiency, can realize X/Y/Z axes simultanceous motion, finishes drilling, milling, and so on.
    The machine uses a lengthened operating platform and long transverse design. Our tube and profile end grinder is especially suitable for processing middle and long shells and box-shaped parts.
  • CNC Boring and Milling Machine TH800 Our CNC boring and milling machine TH800 is precise processing equipment, developed for multidimensional and curved-surface processing of various box-shaped parts, etc. The TH800 is used in the automobile manufacturing industry, mold production industry, production and processing of reduction gearboxes, air blowers and so on for small...
  • CNC Lathe CK6180E This CNC lathe CK6180E can be collocated with optional automatic feeding rack in accordance with the demands of customers.
    There are two kinds of clamping devices for selection, namely the three-claw chuck and the spring collet.
    The spindle is supported by the high precision rolling bearing that rotates...

CNC Machines

Our CNC machine, shortened from computer numerical control machine tools, is a kind of automatic machine installed with a program control system. This control system can logically process and then decode the programs with control coding or regulated by other symbolic instructions. As a result, the machine will produce the parts. The CNC machine consists of a main engine, CNC device, driving device, and so on. The CNC machines are used for processing various parts and realizing automatic production.

Other Products
  • Multipurpose Machine Our multipurpose machine has the functions of shearing, bending, winding drum...
  • Cutting Machine Our cutting machine is used for shearing and processing sheet metals.
  • Plate Rolling Machine The plate rolling machine can bend sheet metal into a barrel or cone shape and...

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