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CNC Boring and Milling Machine

CNC Boring and Milling Machine

Our CNC boring and milling machine TH800 is precise processing equipment, developed for multidimensional and curved-surface processing of various box-shaped parts, etc. The TH800 is used in the automobile manufacturing industry, mold production industry, production and processing of reduction gearboxes, air blowers and so on for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is ideal for improving product quality.

1. The CNC boring and milling machine features a large and steady base to increase its stability.
2. The vertical and horizontal rolling guide ways are roller type, which can greatly improve the movement rigidity.
3. The four-axis simultaneous motion can process complex surfaces and meet the production requirements of high-end products.
4. The large travel design of the CNC boring and milling machine greatly enhances the processing capacity.
5. The double pitch worm and gear can control the rotation of operating platform to reach the linkage precision.
6. The CNC boring and milling machine has a 40-tool-chain automatically changing system and can arbitrarily change tool at both directions. The replacement time is 13 seconds.

Technical Specifications

Моdel TH800
Table size (L х W) 800 х 800 mm
X axis travel 1200 mm
Y axis travel 1200 mm
Z axis travel 1000 mm
Max. spindle speed 6000 rpm
Spindle taper BT50
Spindle motor power 11/15 кW
Positioning accuracy ±0,015 mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0,008 mm
X/Y/Z axis high travels 12000 mm/min
X/Y axis feed speed 1-3000 mm/min
Z axis feed speed 1-3000 mm/min
CNC system Mitsubishi E60 M64AS Fanuc etc.
Overall dimensions 6000х5800х3500 mm
Net weight 16500 kg
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